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Mental health programs should, where possible, include financial wellbeing initiatives, as these can enhance employees’ sense of workplace security, improving focus and energy.

Aon defines financial wellbeing as the ability to confidently manage financial life today while preparing for the future and unexpected challenges along the way.


of Australian organisations are providing fully funded financial health checks for employees (up from 26% in 2018).1

Financial wellbeing strategy

Recent studies have shown that among employees:

  • 54% feel stressed about their finances
  • 38% say they have less than $1,000 saved to deal with unexpected expenses
  • 46% of employees spend 2-3 hours per week dealing with personal finances
  • 59% are concerned about not having enough money to retire when they want to
  • 54% say financial or money matters cause them most stress
  • 70% would like some form of help from their employer to improve their current financial situation

To help alleviate financial stress, Aon can develop a strategic framework to develop and align your financial wellbeing initiatives with your organisational culture and employer brand proposition. This will ensure that financial wellbeing is understood and prioritised as a key pillar supporting employees’ overall wellbeing.

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Financial wellbeing scorecard

Aon’s financial wellbeing scorecard methodology can assess the suitability of your existing strategy, identify employees’ emerging financial wellbeing needs, and recognise improvement opportunities.

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Changing behaviour

Aon’s financial wellbeing experts can simplify and convey complex information via engaging and actionable education modules to suit employees at any life stage.

Our programs cover multiple topics and can be tailored to address the key issues concerning employees in your sector and location. Sessions are available at a national or regional level via multiple channels.

Incentivisation and engagement through gamification

To create and maintain positive behaviour change, Aon can gamify elements of the financial literacy program to create a powerful incentive for employees who would otherwise show poor engagement with personal finance topics.

Vendor sourcing and project management

Using our vendor analysis process and extensive ‘trusted vendor’ database, Aon can help you find the right partner to deliver specific components of your financial wellbeing program, and the right partner to design and source an employee savings solution.

Aon offers needs analysis, objective setting, end-to-end project management, implementation and liaison support to seamlessly deliver financial wellbeing programs to your employees across multiple vendors and markets.


Technology offers a scalable, fun and ‘always on’ approach to delivering financial wellbeing education. For example, Aon’s suite of wellbeing apps, which includes Well One and LifeWorks, help employees access real-time financial coaching and feedback, so they can adopt healthy habits. Dynamic reporting lets employers measure and report on the impact of wellbeing programs on the fly, rather than wait months to retrospectively report on progress.