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Employees face many challenges, including high living costs, declining diet and lifestyle choices, and the pressure to balance work with family life. Whilst the rise of remote working has inspired many leaders to address employees’ mental health and wellbeing for the first time, others are looking to improve existing programs.

However, assessing multiple solutions and forging a clear path forward can seem like an insurmountable task, even for seasoned HR professionals.


of organisations globally believe wellbeing is important within their company. It is a business essential.1

Mental health risks and opportunities

Poor mental health can hinder creativity, reduce employees’ ability to solve problems and contribute to rising insurance costs.

However, managing the mental health and wellbeing of individuals in the workplace can be complex.

It’s not just a matter of launching one solution and moving on with other priorities. Traditional approaches are no longer enough to address employees’ wide-ranging personal experiences and challenges.

Aon’s consultants have the expertise to support any organisation, no matter how advanced or inexperienced they are with designing, comparing or implementing employee mental health and support programs.


Aon’s evidence-based solutions are collaborative, client informed, scalable and backed by reliable technology.

They can be tailored to suit different organisations and sectors.

Solutions include:

Aon will take the time to understand your immediate and longer-term requirements. The three elements of our consultative process are shown below:

Finding clarity

Despite good intentions, in-house attempts to optimise employees’ mental health often fail due to competing priorities, limited internal resources, and information overload.

For some workplaces, legal considerations drive the need for change, while others are motivated by financial or productivity gains. No matter what has created the impetus for change in your organisation, Aon can provide a plan to help you focus on the areas of critical and ongoing need.

It starts by helping employers build a business case. After working with you to educate and inspire stakeholders to invest in meaningful action, Aon will develop a timeline and help you successfully launch your program, maintain momentum and continually improve key mental health and wellbeing performance indicators.

Even if your organisation is only starting to understand the need for better mental health, Aon will help you set measurable and realistic goals, and understand what is already working well, so you can build on the qualities that make your organisation special.


As well as complying with work health and safety legislation, employers that manage psychosocial hazards and create psychologically healthy workplaces can also benefit from:

  • Lower insurance costs
  • Fewer psychological injury claims
  • Faster return-to-work outcomes
  • Less absenteeism
  • Higher employee engagement and retention
  • Productivity gains
  • Enhanced creativity and innovation
  • Improved employee morale
  • More diverse and inclusive cultures

Aon can help you support employees’ emotional, physical, professional, social and financial wellbeing, whilst working with you to embed wellbeing levers into existing programs, such as your remuneration, talent, and health and benefit initiatives, with solutions that are:

  • Evidenced based and client informed
  • Easy to implement and manage
  • Measurable
  • Scalable
  • Customisable
  • Technology enabled
  • Industry relevant
  • Secure and confidential

Aon’s mental health and wellbeing consultants offer expertise in work health and safety, workers’ compensation, injury management and rehabilitation, industrial relations, employee health and benefits, insurance, rewards, psychometric assessment, financial wellbeing and other areas of human capital management.

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Integrated framework

Aon’s integrated management framework simultaneously combines prevention and treatment, helping clients mitigate the risk of both work related and non-work-related mental illness as they manifest in the workplace, while helping employees adopt healthy habits so they can perform better in all aspects of life.

A people-centric approach is critical because mental health issues are unpredictable. Although serious problems may only affect some employees, it’s important to maintain a focus on mental health and wellbeing through ongoing prevention and response measures as there will always be someone needing support, no matter where they are on their wellbeing journey.

Aon’s framework involves:

  • Preventing harm
  • Promoting the positive
  • Managing illness
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5 Step Process

1. Securing leadership commitment

Your senior executives will play an important role in promoting mental health initiatives, as they can positively influence culture, management practices and staff experience.

Aon will educate senior executives about their legal obligations and share scientific and client-informed evidence to illustrate the benefits of creating a mentally healthy workplace, so your leaders become active and visible champions of change.

2. Preparing the way forward

Before commencing with a new initiative, Aon will assess how your existing mental health programs are impacting employees and identify and prioritise areas for development.

3. Co-designing your strategy

As every organisation is different, there is no single way to optimise, co-design or implement mental health and wellbeing strategies. Aon will identify an appropriate starting point for your organisation, devise a strategy and outline the recommended next steps for delivering a program that:

  • aligns with your organisation’s overall strategy,
  • complies with WHS and Industry regulations, and
  • empowers your organisation and employees.

4. Delivering positive change

Successful implementation relies on effective change management, collaboration, communication and leadership. As well as offering workplace programs and resources, Aon will work with your management team, employees and unions, as required, to build a positive, supportive and productive workplace.

5. Ensuring continuous improvement

Regular monitoring is vital for ensuring the ongoing efficacy of mental health initiatives. Aon’s reporting process will track outcomes and improvement opportunities and continually evolve programs that demonstrate a positive impact.