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As one in 5 Australians will suffer from a mental health issue at some stage in their lifetime1, mental health problems represent a significant risk to employers, from the high cost of compensation claims and premiums to disruptions, absenteeism and more.

Poor stress management is among the top 3 risk factors driving future adverse medical costs2. Poor diet, low levels of physical activity, inadequate sleep, financial worries and unhealthy lifestyle choices also play a role in determining employees’ wellbeing. Now, economic impacts from COVID-19 and work-from-home arrangements are creating more pressure for some workers, as professional and personal spheres become blurred.

Organisations that focus on productivity and profitability improvements – without adopting measures to protect wellbeing – risk having disengaged workers who can’t perform at their best when complex challenges arise.

By investing in wellbeing initiatives, organisations don’t just prevent adverse outcomes and comply with work health and safety laws, they create a culture where employees have the mindset and energy required to drive innovation and competitive advantage.

According to research, mental health training for managers can deliver a 998% return on investment3 in addition to benefits such as higher employee loyalty and brand advocacy.

Aon will help you identify your people risks and work with you to design an effective, measurable and evidence-based wellbeing plan that integrates with your existing initiatives.


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Financial wellbeing support for employees

Aon defines financial wellbeing as the ability to confidently manage financial life today while preparing for the future and unexpected challenges along the way.